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(warning)  Attribute type cannot change once the definition is saved.

Tag Input editor
titleHow can I allow users to tag files?

You must specify which users can access the Metadata attributes. If you do not add them, then the user will not be able to add a tag to their file. 

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To grant a user access to the Metadata field:

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. In the Home navigation panel on the left side, under Misc., select Metadata.
  3. In the Manage Metadata Sets section, select the one you want to grant access, and then click on the edit icon Image Removed.
  4. In the Edit Metadata Set Definition window, in Permissions, select the Users tab, and then click Add User.
  5. In the Search Users window, in Account or Email, type in the user's information, and then click Search.
  6. Select a user, and then you are returned to the Edit Metadata Set Definition window.
  7. By default, the user is granted both Read and Write permissions. 
  8. Select the Read checkbox to grant or deny the user Read permissions.
  9. Select the Write checkbox to grant or deny the user Read permissions.
  10. At the bottom of the Edit Metadata Set Definition window, click Save.
titleHow do I add or delete attributes?

You can use the following ways to manage attributes:

  • Edit Metadata Set Definition window

    • A new attribute can be added by clicking the "Add Attribute" button in the Attributes section of the Metadata definition widget.
    • Existing attributes can be edited by clicking the "Edit Attribute Definition" icon.
    • Existing attributes can be removed by clicking the "Delete Attribute Definition" icon.

  • Tag Input Editor
  • Tag input is a custom editor that allows users to provide multiple values for a single attribute with a better experience.
  • It looks like a regular TextBox but supports multiple values.
  • When user writes a string and presses the Enter or enters a comma a new value is added to the control.
  • It's called a Tag and appears as a text in a blue rectangle. Values can be removed by pressing the cross icon.
  • It is used as the editor for the Array attribute type (in the User Core UI) and as the editor for Predefined values for enumeration attribute type (in the Admin UI).

See a video on Managing Attributes.

(warning) All attribute definition changes take effect when the whole set definition is saved.