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  1. Login into OneLogin web UI
  2. Click on Apps → Add Apps
  3. Search for "saml test connector" and select the sample connector named "SAML Test Connector (IdP)".

  4. In the add screen, enter a name to the connector. For example, something like "FileCloud Connector". Click "Save".
  5. Open the created connector and switch to "Configuration" tab.
  6. Assuming your FileCloud URL is "", fill the following values in the configuration tab.

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  7. asdsad
  8. asdadas

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  10. Once the configuration tab is completed, switch to "Parameters" tab.
  11. Add the following four parameters:

    Field nameFlagsValue


    Include in SAML accertion

    First Name


    Include in SAML accertion


    snInclude in SAML accertionLast Name
    uidInclude in SAML accertionUsername

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  12. Save these changes. Once the save is complete, switch to SSO tab.
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IdP/ADFS Configuration


In the FileCloud Admin Interface – Settings => SSO => SSOType the default FileCloud SSO Type must be set to SAML.  Other parameters must be set as per your IdP settings.