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Image RemovedIf you encounter problems with the FileCloud iOS app, you can you can use the information on this page to try and locate the issue and resolve it.


Sharing log information with our support team will help us investigate your issue and solve it promptly.

To use the on-device console to


access log files:

  1. To reveal an on-device console, tap five times with two fingers.
  2. Use the app normally to see information, warnings and errors displayed in real-time.

To access the log files from user settings:

  1. In bottom left of the iOS app, click Settings. 
  2. In the Global Settings page, click Get Log Files.

(lightbulb)  Your administrator can also get the logs from your device remotely. 

Just contact your administrator and reproduce the actions that cause the issue you are experiencing.

Specific Errors

iOS App Fails to Login"Invalid Configuration" Server plugin(s) missing or disabled
  • Check that your device's time and date settings are correct
  • Ensure that automatic time and date is not disabled