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The settings button opens a dialog box that enables you to set the Account Settings, Upload Settings, Share Settings, Proxy Settings configure settings and helps you to troubleshoot.

Allow -
Account Settings

Enter account settings that include FileCloud Sign in to FileCloud by entering the FileCloud Server URL, username and password.
The Outlook add-on also supports single sign-on (SSO).  Click Login using SSO to see the SSO view of the dialog box:
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Enter your Server URL and click Connect to sign in using SSO. See Single sign-on (SSO) for help setting up SSO.   

Upload Settings

Set the default upload folder for all files that are uploaded
Allow auto upload of attachments

NOTE: To enable/disable auto upload of attachments, the outlook must be restarted after setting is changed.

Share Settings

Set the following settings:-

  1. Send File Share as Link or attachment.
  2. Insert share detail at end of email body or top of email body.
  3. Default Share Type - Public Share or Password Protected Share.
  4. Share Text in HTML - The text that added to the email body as part of their share when share is created.
SSL SettingsEnter Settings for Proxy Server if any.Other SettingsIgnore SSL Errors and Connect to Only TLS 1.2 Server (applicable when your FileCloud server is supporting only TLS 1.2)
Proxy SettingsEnter Settings for Proxy Server if any.
Language SupportEnglish, Dutch, and Arabic are supported. To make the language change effective, you must completely restart the Outlook addinadd-in.

Display the FileCloud Version.

Troubleshooting - Open the Log Folder where the add-in stores the activity logs of the add-in

Export Settings - Will take all the relevant settings and create a well formatted XML Ideally, admins can create the setting, export it as XML and use that setting for Mass Deployment using Device Management.

For more detailed support on export settings, please see Centralized Device Management

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Account Settings 



On this tab, enter the FileCloud server URL, account and password and click Connect to sign in to FileCloud.
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To log in with SSO, click Login using SSO
Enter your Server URL and click Connect. See Single sign-on (SSO) for help setting up SSO. 
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Upload Settings 

You can set the Default Upload Folder and allow auto upload of file attachments that are greater than a certain size. Please note that auto upload of attachment will require a restart of outlook. 

The default upload folder designates the FileCloud folder to which the file is uploaded.  When the default folder is not designated, you will be prompted for an upload folder path when uploading a file. 




Share settings must be used to set the settings when share is created and sent through Outlook.

Send File Share AsSend As Link: Share created will be sent as link.
Send As Attachment: Shared created will be sent as an attachment. 
Insert Share Detail At

Allows you to set the default position of the share detail in the email body.
Top of email body or End of email body 

Share TypeSet the default share type when shares are created
Public Share (Default)
Password Protected Share 
Share Text (In HTML)

The text that added to the email body as part of their share when share is created. HTML is allowed to set formatting on this text

Default: Attachment: #filename#<br/>Download link: #url#<br/>#password#

The following place holders are available.

  1. #filename# refers to the File/Folder name of the shared item.
  2. #url# refers to the full url with HTML tags for example <a href=''></a>
  3. #url_link# refers to full url with no HTML tags, for example
  4. #password# refers to the share password for a password protected share.

    The default Share Text "Attachment: #filename#<br/>Download link: #url#<br/>#password#" will result in the following text

    Attachment: winter.docx
    Download link:
    Password: lkre431sq

    Attachment: #filename#<br/>Download link: <a href='#url_link#'>#filename#</a><br/>#password# will result in

    Attachment: spring.docx
    Download link: spring.docx
    Password: by1rgCx31

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Proxy Settings 

The Proxy Settings must be set, when your network uses proxy server or you would like FileCloud Outlook Plugin to use a proxy server. You must contact your network administrator to get the Proxy Server Address, Port, Username and Password to connect to your proxy server.