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Default Upload Folder designates the FileCloud folder that uploads are saved in.  If a default folder is not designated, you are prompted for an upload folder path when uploading a file. 

You can set default values for Auto Upload Attachments and Auto Upload Attachments Greater than Size (MB) by going to Settings > Policy and in the Device Configuration tab for the policy, setting up xml parameters. See Device Configuration XML For Outlook Add-in for help.

Share Settings 


  1. Open Outlook and click New Email.
    A new email form opens.
  2. Create a share in one of the following ways:

    From the FileCloud explorer in the message boxFrom the Share from FileCloud link in the ribbon of the message box
    1. In the FileCloud explorer in the right-panel of the email form, navigate to the file or folder that you want to share, and right-click it.
    2. In the menu, choose Share.
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    1. In the ribbon above the form, click Share from FileCloud.
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      A Share from FileCloud dialog box that displays your FileCloud folders opens:
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    2. Navigate to the file or folder that you want to share, select it, and click Create Share.

    The share has been created. A Share Options dialog box opens:

  3. Choose one of the following options (or x out of the Share Options dialog box to keep the share without including it in the email or adding advanced options):
    • Copy Link - Copy the link so that you can paste it somewhere else.
    • Advanced Options - When you first click the Advanced Options button, you see advanced options for public shares:

      Next to Share Permissions, if you select Allow Specific Users/Groups, instead of a tab for Public Share Settings, a tab for Private Share Settings appears.
      It enables you to share the file with specific users who already have accounts in your system and specific users who do not have accounts.

      When you share files with specific users who do not have accounts in your system, clicking Add Share Link to Email only adds the share link to the email that you are composing; it does not send the new user a message indicating how to create a new account. You must check Send Email in the AddGuestEmail dialog box to send the new user a message instructing them to create an account on FileCloud.

      For additional help with share settings for public and private shares, see the topics in the section Sharing Files and Folders.
      If you do not add advanced options, the share is available to anyone you send the link to.
    • Remove Share - Delete this share.
    • Add Share Link to Email - Insert the link into the email that you are currently composing. The recipient can click it to access the share.