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FileCloud Public AMI (Amazon Machine Image) is currently available in Amazon AWS Marketplace.  

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See FileCloud AMI here on AWS Marketplace.


titleHow Does It Work?

The FileCloud AMI image is built on top of Ubuntu 16.04.

  • FileCloud stores the meta data and file share information in MongoDB database which is already pre-configured in the FileCloud AMI.
  • The actual files can be stored in EBS or S3.
  • For scalability and redundancy, we recommend you use Amazon S3 for production.
  • We also recommend to take periodic snapshots of your running instance for disaster recovery.

Best Practices for an organization of up to 100 users:

  • Select a t2.medium, m3.medium, or m3.large instance
  • Use Amazon EBS for FileCloud stack (FileCloud application, Apache Webserver, MongoDB Database)
  • Use Amazon S3 for cloud storage to provide a scalable, redundant infrastructure to satisfy any business requirement

What if I'm not using Ubuntu?

Apart from FileCloud AMI on Ubuntu 16.04, we have also pre-built AMIs (BYOL - Bring Your Own License) available on Windows Server 2016 and supported versions of Windows Server 2012. Please see the AWS marketplace links below,

FileCloud Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (Windows Server 2016)

FileCloud for Windows Server 2012

We have also the following paid AMI's available on AWS Marketplace,

FileCloud Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (20 Users)

FileCloud Enterprise File Sharing and Sync - Windows 2012 R2 -(20 Users)