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In most cases, FileCloud Drive enables you to use File Explorer to work on files residing in your FileCloud server seamlessly. But in some scenarios, it is more efficient to to use the FileCloud Sync app. 

Network DependencyDescriptionBest Practice
(lightbulb) Without a network connection, FileCloud Drive cannot work.

FileCloud Drive provides a virtual view to your FileCloud files and makes it appear as if the files are actually local, but in reality they are not.

The files are on your remote server, so if  you're offline, or your network connection is unavailable for another reason, FileCloud Drive cannot work.

Therefore, in cases when you are going to be offline and want access to your files, we recommend you use the FileCloud Sync app instead. The Sync app keeps a copy of the remote server files locally on your computer, and syncs them when the network connection becomes available.

Use FileCloud Drive when you have a reliable network connection.

Use FileCloud Sync when  you are offline and want access to your files.

(lightbulb) File size determines  download time.When you have a large file, for example 1 GB, and you try to open it in an application via FileCloud Drive, it is not instantaneously available like smaller files. The time it takes to be downloaded from the remote connection and then opened is visible to you, and depending upon your network connectivity this could take a while. 

Use FileCloud Drive to work with small to medium sized files 

Use FileCloud Drive to edit documents 

Use FileCloud Drive to upload a small number of files or download small documents. 

FileCloud Drive is more convenient than using the web portal to edit files because it avoids manually downloading the file first, editing it, and then re-uploading it to the server. 

FileCloud Drive's File Explorer window automatically opens the document in the application, allows you to edit, saves it, and then uploads the file back to the server.

 Use FileCloud Sync If you are working with files that are 1 GB or larger, because they are stored directly in File Explorer.

(lightbulb) Network connectivity determines how long it takes to complete an action.When you choose an action like copy or delete from the system try menu, the cursor icon will animate until all operations are committed to the FileCloud Server. When the action is complete, the cursor will stop animating. The time it takes the action to complete depends on the speed of your network connection.

Wait for the cursor to stop moving before choosing another action.

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