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The following image displays the default FileCloud log-in screen, but you can customize the features that appear on it.

To customize the User Login screen

  1. Open a browser and log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation pane, click Customization
  3. Select the General  tab, and then the Login sub-tab.

    Show New Account Button

    Displays New Account button in user log-in screen. Enabled by default.

    The New Account button allows a user to create a new account for themselves, and depending on the configuration of Automatic Account Approval, have it automatically approved.

    Show SSO Link

    Check to show Single Sign On link in the login page. 
    Note: If this is checked, but Show Login Options is unchecked, Single Sign On link is not shown.

    (lightbulb) The functionality of this button is determined by how you configure Single Sign-On Access

    Show Login OptionsUncheck to hide options in login screen such as Forgot Password and Single Sign On link even if Show SSO Link is checked.
    Login Panel Transparency

    Adds transparency to login panel.

    Set to:

    • YES (default)
    • NO

    (lightbulb) Enable this option if you are using a custom login background image.

    Login UI Additional Links

    Enter up to two additional links to be displayed in user login screen.
    Use the format:

    [Privacy Policy](
    [Terms of use](

    The links appear at the bottom of the login screen:

    Phone Number Format HintEnter a hint to appear on screens where users can enter phone numbers. For example Include + and country code when entering phone number.
  4. Modify the settings for any of the options.
  5. To save your changes, click Save.

To only display SSO log in

You can customize the user log-in screen to only display the SSO log-in:

  1. Open the configuration file:
    Windows: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
    Linux: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php
  2. To only display SSO log-in option:

    define("TONIDOCLOUD_SSO_DIRECT_ONLY", true);

    To return to displaying other log-in options:

    define("TONIDOCLOUD_SSO_DIRECT_ONLY", false);
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