FileCloud docker image is available from docker hub. You can just pull the image and start your filecloud in couple of seconds.

Step 1: Pull FileCloud docker image from docker hub


docker pull filecloud/fileclouddocker

Step 2: Run the FileCloud docker container by issuing the following command


sudo docker run --detach -p 443:443 -p 80:80 --name <yourcontainername> --restart always --volume /data/db:/var/lib/mongodb --volume /data/files:/cloudstorage --volume /data/solr:/opt/solr-5.3.1/server/solr/fccore filecloud/fileclouddocker

The above mentioned command will mount the database volume  at /data/db, solr index at /data/solr and files storage at /data/files on the host machine.  It maps the host machine port 80 and 443 to container ports 80 and 443 respectively.


If you want to store the database and files within the container itself you can run the following command. The database and files will get stored in docker data volumes within the container and will be available between container restarts.


sudo docker run --detach -p 443:443  -p 80:80  --name  <yourcontainername>  --restart always  filecloud/fileclouddocker

Step 3: Access FileCloud

Now you can access the FileCloud admin portal at http://<hostip>/ui/admin/index.html. The user name is "admin" and the password is "password". The FileCloud user portal will be available at http://<hostip>/ui/core/index.html .