The Attach Share Password by Default for Public Shares setting is available beginning in FileCloud 20.1.

File sharing allows users to provide public or private access to files stored in FileCloud Server with various levels of access privileges.

To control how users share files and folders in ways that are appropriate for your organization, administrators configure the following options:

Set the Global Share Mode

FileCloud allows administrators to manage file shares created by their users at a global level.

You can choose to allow or restrict file sharing for all accounts in FileCloud Server by setting:

Share Mode

  • Allow All Shares
  • Allow Private Shares Only
  • Shares Not Allowed


Configure Sharing Defaults

When a user wants to share a file or folder, administrators can decide which options should be automatically chosen.

These settings are really just a recommendation and can be changed by the user, unless you disable the ability to change the defaults.

  • Default Share Type
  • Default Expiration
  • Default Max Upload Size
  • Disallow Default Settings Change
  • Disable Allow Manage Share Options

Specify Sharing Expiration

Administrators can configure FileCloud to allow sharing to happen for a temporary time, or allow shares to exist as long as the file or folder exists.

  • Default Expiration
  • Remove Expired Shares
  • Delete Files from Expired Shares

Let FileCloud automatically notify users when a share is about to expire and become inaccessible. 

  • Send Email Notifications For Expiring Shares
  • Email Notifications Sent for Expiring Shares in Days

Secure Shares

Instead of just communicating the most secure sharing procedure to your users, administrators can configure settings in FileCloud Server to automatically require passwords and hide the display of account names that can be used for attacks.

  • Public Shares Must Be Password Protected
  • Attach Share Password by Default for Public Shares (disabled by default, determines whether Attach Share Password is checked or unchecked by default in Send Share Link via Email)
  • Disallow Share Name Change
  • Hide Option to Send a Share Link by Email
  • Limit User Account Searches
  • Use Display Name Instead of Account Name
  • Encode Owner (Username) in Shared URLs (enabled by default)