Metadata functionality is available in FileCloud 18.1 and later.


The term Metadata relates to data that provide additional information for Files and Folders available in FileCloud. Since version 18.1 administrators can define sets of attributes that might be later associated with specific File Objects.

FileCloud defines two levels of metadata definition:

  1. Attribute - defines a single piece of information that user can specify for file or folder.
  2. Metadata set - a group of related attributes with additional properties and settings. It works as a container for attributes.


Following terms are used in the following documentation:

Metadata Set types

FileCloud supports two types of Metadata Sets:

Managing Metadata Sets

To get started with metadata functionality, go to Metadata menu item that is shown as part of the left navigation menu in admin interface. In order to view defined metadata sets, the admin user must be the master admin or must have access to the metadata system. Admin user can be granted access to the metadata system through the Admins menu item on the left navigation menu.

Metadata Set Definitions List

The metadata set definitions screen displays the list of defined metadata sets. The filter text box can be used to filter the metadata sets based on the metadata name. The individual metadata set on the metadata list can be viewed, edited and deleted. New metadata sets can be added by clicking the Add Metadata Set button and filling in the metadata set definition form.

Adding new metadata Set Definition

To add new metadata set click on the Add Metadata Set button. A new dialog will appear.

In order to complete a valid metadata set definition following steps have to be completed:

  1. Provide set definition name, description and the current state (enabled / disabled). Name and description are mandatory and are validated on creation.
  2. Specify permissions for individual users, groups and define FileCloud paths (locations), for which this set will be available.
  3. Create at least one metadata attribute definition.


In order to specify permissions for individual user

  1. Permissions - a custom widget that allows administrators to specify permissions for the current metadata set for different users / groups / paths.
  2. Attributes





When metadata set is marked as disabled it won't appear in the user interface and users won't be able to provide values for this set as well as search for its attributes.

Although user / group permission widgets look very similar to share widgets their behaviour is different. Read / write permission changes for each user / group is not changed when it is changed (this happens for shares) but all changes are saved at the same time - when the Create / Save button is clicked.


Editing Set Definition

Deleting Set Definition

Managing Attributes

Attribute types

Each attribute can have one of the following types:

Attribute typeAccepted valuesUI editor typeValues validation
TextRegular text valueTextBox-
IntegerInteger numbersTextBoxType validation
DecimalDecimal numbersTextBoxType validation
BooleanTrue / False valueCheckBox-
DateDate valueDate picker-
EnumerationOne value from a list of predefined valuesDrop down / Select-
Array (Tag)A number of custom values provided by userTag Input - custom editro-

Attribute type cannot change

Available types

NOTE: Datatype cannot be changed afterwards

Default values


Array types (Tag Inputs)