What Platform is best for Community File Sharing – AirSend vs. Discord

With the current pandemic happening, people need a seamless way to connect with others- particularly through file sharing. There are plenty of great community platforms out there. Still, we feel that two particular online communities outshine the others. AirSend and Discord. If you are looking for some decent alternatives to Discord, check out our blog post, “2020’s Best Alternatives to Discord.”

I’m sure as you all know, we have a ton of blog posts about AirSend vs. Discord in the category of communities. In each blog post, we take every aspect an online community offers and compare those aspects in AirSend and Discord. This blog post is going to be another one of those. To see our other comparisons, check out our AirSend blog

In today’s post, we are going to be looking at file sharing within communities. File sharing is one of the more vital essentials for hosting an online community. Before choosing your ideal community platform, it is essential to look at which platform has optimized file sharing. 

One could also argue that having a powerful file sharing system is one of the few methods that maintain a community’s flow. Maintaining the flow of a community, therefore, supports the flow of conversation. Let’s take a look at AirSend and Discord file sharing. 


What’s more, is that users can: 

  • Organize their files by folders
  • View previous versions of the uploaded files
  • Link files to your built-in notebook
  • Upload/organize files and folders within your notebook

Having an all-inclusive view on files makes finding documents easier to find and more comfortable referencing for conversation. Additionally, with AirSend’s Office 365 integration, it is easier to edit documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints, all within AirSend.

Another neat feature to AirSend is its full file server view- this is where you can view ALL your files and folders from active and inactive channels. Essentially, AirSend’s file-sharing system offers an organized layout for users to seamlessly access files. Finally, each user has up to 100 GB file storage with unlimited file size. Discord, on the other hand, has a different approach to its file-sharing. 


We all know Discord is a great community tool. Discord’s design is for large communities. However, there are some details to Discord that lack in design, particularly file sharing.  As we all know, Discord can be a complex tool for some users. From customizing role settings to customizing channel permissions for each channel created. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a full-fledged community.

Discord presents itself through the separation of channels. There is a channel for everything- an announcement channel, essential files channel, various chat, and call rooms- it can be a lot for some people. Some would also argue that it can be cumbersome to click through all the various channels, which by the way, each have their streams of communication. 

Because of the multitudes of conversations happening in multiple channels, finding files can be extremely difficult. Of course, there is a way around this problem, creating a separate channel for all essential files and documents. But, even then, if there are a ton of uploads to this particular channel, lots of scrolling will happen. Therefore, it will take time to find that specific file.  Finally, with Discord, there is unlimited file storage and a file size upload limit of 8MB. 


So, when it comes to deciding which platform is best for file sharing, it depends on what you prefer in an online community. Finding files with AirSend is more straightforward than finding files in Discord. With AirSend, users will find files seamlessly through a full view of their file server or find everything through an all-in-one community space. Further, users can organize files through the use of folders. 

In Discord, finding files can be cumbersome through a complex layout. However, if Discord’s complexity is not an issue, then having Discord for file sharing may not be a problem. Finally, the most crucial aspect of file sharing is its limitations. In AirSend, each user has 100GB file storage with unlimited file size. Discord has unlimited file storage with an 8MB file size limit.