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Trusted by 1000s of Organizations:

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Data Governance

Total visibility and control over corporate data

Data Governance & Protection is fundamental component of enterprise information security systems. Government regulations (HIPAA, HITECH Act, SOX, Etc..) and enterprise information security best practices require user activities are recorded within a secure system for audit purposes. FileCloud’s detailed activity logs, connected devices inventory and access logs provide all the right tools to satisfy any data compliance needs.

Detailed Activity Logs

  • Admin dashboard has ‘Audit’ option to view the user activity logs. Our simple Ul enables administrators to easily filter the logs and select level of data granularity.
  • What: Details on an action that was performed. For example, a directory was accessed by a user
  • When: Time stamp is recorded for every action.
  • Who: Name of the user, who performed the action. Also, FileCloud provides options to even look at IP address from where files were accessed.
  • How: Details on the device (web, mobile, drive)/client that was used to perform the action.
  • Search audit logs to identify data necessary for compliance and legal responses.

Device Management and Developer APIs

  • Admin dashboard provides the inventory of all the devices (PCs, Smartphones and Tablets) connected to the FileCloud system.
  • Administrators can block or remote wipe FileCloud data on any connected device at any time.
  • Using FileCloud REST APIs, e-discovery and SEIM (Security Event and Incident Management) software systems can integrate with FileCloud easily.