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ITAR Compliant File Sharing and Transfer

Cloud-agnostic, Secure, ITAR Compliant File Storage and Access Management Platform

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ITAR Compliant Secure File Sharing

ITAR Compliance & FileCloud

ITAR provides a set of government regulations dictating how to prevent the distribution of defense items and services outside US. ITAR violations may result in high criminal or civil penalties. FileCloud, paired with AWS Govcloud provides end to end encryption, FIPS 140-2 encryption, smart content classification.

Network Access and Security

ITAR makes it compulsory for companies to monitor and control inbound and outbound network traffic. FileCloud not only provides high security, but also provides audit logs to see who accessed the cloud and for what purpose. Build a robust ITAR compliant document management and access control solution with FileCloud.

Data Leak Prevention

Most enterprise data leak prevention solutions are ineffective in the modern cloud era as they only work within organization’s network. Instead FileCloud’s Smart DLP brings data leak prevention capabilities closer to the content and users to offer 360* protection. FileCloud brings you the tools to comply with ITAR compliance.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

File Sharing and Sync on AWS GovCloud

Self Host FileCloud on AWS GovCloud

ITAR (United States International Traffic in arms regulation) compliance regulation provides guidelines that apply to companies involved in manufacturing, sale or distribution of defense-related articles and services on United States munitions list (USML). ITAR makes it compulsory for such companies to share regulated technical information, both physically and digitally with only US persons employed by the government or a government contractor.

These guidelines are provided to ensure confidential information doesn’t leave US, get leaked to civilians, criminals or potential threats to the country. If a company fails to comply with the ITAR, it can face civil and criminal penalties. FileCloud is an ITAR compliant file sharing solution which provides the necessary tools for security, document management, data leak prevention, content classification and private file sharing. For security, FileCloud provides end to end encryption, ransomware protection, FIPS 140-2 encryption and much more.

Record Keeping to Meet ITAR Compliance

According to ITAR regulations, records concerning the manufacture, acquisition and disposition of defence articles and related data must be maintained for five years from the expiration of the export license or other approval. FileCloud for ITAR offers complete content lifecycle management with flexible retention and archival schedules to meet your ITAR record-keeping requirements.

How FileCloud Ensures ITAR Compliant File Sharing?

  • FIPS 140-2 encryption
  • End to end encryption
  • View only access
  • Remove public access
  • Robust login security
  • Smart data leak prevention
  • Audit controls
  • Smart content classification
  • Remote wipe
  • Audit controls
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Access Files from Anywhere

Cloud enable your windows file servers in minutes. With FileCloud, now end users now can access, share and sync files stored in your file servers from anywhere. No VPN, FTP Required.

Sync to Cloud

Sync/Backup your file shares to cloud and access it from anywhere. Honor existing file permissions and offer secure file access to your remote employees.

Easy Integration & Branding

Integrate with existing corporate IT systems (Active Directory, NTFS File permissions and Network Shares) easily. Integrate your Line of business apps using our powerful API. Bring your organization brand front and center using FileCloud’s unparalleled branding options.

Data Leak Protection

Monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure sensitive files are protected across all your devices (Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets). In case of a breach, Admins could remotely block or wipe FileCloud data in a Laptop, Smartphones and Tablets.


Get maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks using FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning and branding capabilities. FileCloud Drive provides access to files without keeping an offline copy of sensitive files on user computers.

Real Savings

Dropbox business plan is $12.50/user/month, whereas the FileCloud server (Self-Host/ On-Premise) costs you just $4.20/user/month and FileCloud Online (hosted by us) costs you $10/user/month. FileCloud also offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. You only pay for your employee accounts.

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Leave Non-Secure FTP Behind

For ITAR compliance, the responsibility to take necessary precautions to meet compliance standards lies with the business manufacturing the military, defense articles or any other regulated goods and technology.

Many government and private businesses still use non-secure file sharing methods like FTP or sharing via USB drives. This could result in increased security risks and loss of data as well as massive fines.

Security is essential to comply with ITAR compliance and achieving the same is efficient and easier by migrating all file sharing needs to FileCloud. FileCloud not only provides secure data transfer to defense contractors and other organizations, but also necessary tools for high performance and productivity.

"Government Department Leaves Unsecure FTP Behind and Migrates to FileCloud"


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