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Powerful File Sharing Platform for Architecture, Construction and Engineering Companies

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Best File Sharing Solution for Construction Companies & Architects

Anytime Anywhere Access

You can access CAD/CAM files, photos, contracts, and other large digital files at any time, anywhere using any mobile device, web or network folders. FileCloud also integrates with 3rd-party mobile apps, such as Bluebeam etc. to streamline your work processes while you are in office or working from anywhere else.

Streamline Project Management

Improve productivity for all construction projects. FileCloud offers workflow automation, saving countless hours on projects. Teams collaborate better with top industry-specific features like document preview and metadata management. You can securely transfer files or set up a collaboration space for project-related files.

Complete Control

Always stay in control of your sensitive files by hosting on-premise or choose our servers. FileCloud offers enterprise grade security (Single Sign-On), active directory, granular file permissions. FileCloud offers a hybrid cloud architecture for data redundancy and low latency.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for Second Consecutive Time. 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

FileCloud Provides Seamless Access to Files on the Job Site and on the Go.

FileCloud meets the specific file sharing requirements of Architecture and Construction Engineering firms such as large file sharing, remote office/job site file sharing, mobile offline sync, 3rd party integration with specialized apps and detailed file share auditing with external contractors and vendors.

FileCloud ServerSync: Files and permissions stored on Windows file servers on-premise are easily synchronized to the cloud server. With this hybrid architecture, copies of files as well as the permissions between the cloud and on-premises storage are maintained in complete sync. The hybrid-cloud approach helps with traditional LAN access when accessing files on-premise and cloud access when off-site or working remotely. On-premise provides low latency access whereas cloud offers scalability and redundancy.

A Digital Platform for Construction Collaboration: FileCloud provides the tools needed to boost content collaboration and data security for construction industry enterprises, even with slow or inconsistent connectivity. With FileCloud, you can share any number of files, files of all sizes from all remote locations. FileCloud saves a lot of money compared to Dropbox, Box and Egnyte, while delivering real-time access to files, blueprints, schematics and designs for every construction project.

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Remote Access

Construction project teams need to access large CAD/CAM files, photos, and blueprints from anywhere to perform their daily work. FileCloud offers multiple ways to access your organization’s files securely: Web, Desktop Sync, FileCloud Drive, Mobile Apps and WebDAV. Mobile offline sync enables file access from iPads even if there is no internet.

ServerSync - Hybrid Cloud

FileCloud ServerSync is an industry remote office solution that addresses the latency and high availability requirements of companies that have job sites on remote locations. ServerSync is a FileCloud add-on that keeps files as well as the permissions between the cloud and on-premises storage.

Superior Security

Public SaaS File Sharing offerings are prone to spoofing and ransomware attacks. In contrast FileCloud’s distributed architecture and unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure corporate data is protected across all your devices. Ours advanced management controls and detailed activity logs helps you to manage and secure organization data without losing control.

Easy Integration

FileCloud offers easy integration with existing corporate IT systems (Active Directory, NTFS File permissions, Network Shares, ADFS, NTLM SSO). Our powerful API’s makes any integration with your Line of business apps a breeze. FileCloud also integrates with specialized apps like PDF Expert, Bluebeam and other apps used in construction industry.

Real Savings

FileCloud creates value for customers by providing simple pricing, product innovation and fanatical customer support. For 1000 users, Box will cost you 180,000 $/Year where FileCloud cost you only 40,000$/Year. FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing with external vendors and contractors. You only pay for your employee accounts.


Built-in Document Preview and Quick Editing of Documents from the web browser simplify collaboration. Add comments to files to keep everyone in the loop. Lock (check-out) files while editing to prevent unexpected overwrites.

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