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We host FileCloud for you on compliant (HIPAA/ITAR/GDPR) infrastructure. No setup needed.
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Secure File Sharing for Manufacturing

Remote Access To Internal Networks and Files

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Secure, Remote Access to Internal Networks

No VPN Needed

FileCloud allows secure remote access to any local file server without VPN. Easily access the internal shares securely from any device. FileCloud also integrates with existing NTFS permissions.

Network Drive Access

Securely map a drive to their internal file shares from anywhere without VPN. FileCloud drive allows you to access all the files in your organization’s internal shares on a local system folder.

Use Existing IT Infrastructure

Existing IT infrastructure investments can be leveraged with FileCloud to access internal file shares. You can utilize your existing file server infrastructure easily.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

Access Your On-Premise File Shares From Anywhere Without VPN!

When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted major businesses, the manufacturing industry was among the most impacted across the globe. Many manufacturing business operations rely on internal file shares within private data servers maintained by their organization. With employees working from their homes, it was virtually impossible to access those internal files. VPN is an option, but it leaves organizations vulnerable and can be slow and unreliable.

Manufacturing businesses have several important requirements to make collaboration and file sharing both secure and feasible.

  • Access to internal enterprise file shares
  • Maintenance of existing NTFS permissions for access control
  • Integration of existing active directory credentials
  • Seamless large file sharing
  • Mobile Device Access and Support
  • Security, Privacy, and Compliance

FileCloud is a great solution that answers all the requirements listed above. FileCloud provides secure access to internal shares without relying on a VPN. FileCloud can also integrate with Active Directories as well as existing NTFS permissions. Mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices ensures users can access internal file shares without hassle. Another major benefit is the ability to leverage your existing investment in IT infrastructure and maximize ROI.

Network share access from home office

Data Compliance

FileCloud helps you meet your security requirements with compliance standards such as FINRA, HIPAA, NIST 800-171, ITAR, GDPR, CMMC and more. For those firms and businesses working with government departments or contractors that require ITAR compliance, FileCloud can help with that too. The ITAR Compliance Center organizes FileCloud’s powerful customization, security, and audit settings in one dashboard and connects these rules and policies with ITAR regulatory requirements. Managers, compliance officers, and technical teams can easily verify compliance within the FileCloud environment, enabling and disabling options to suit the organization’s unique needs and preexisting solutions. More configurations like GDPR will be added to the Compliance Center in future releases!

Compliance and security

File Sharing and Permissions for Security

Based on granular share permissions within FileCloud, administrators can manage all site-wide sharing permissions, while users can only manage shares created by other users. Within a company, there can be multiple teams and team folders. Team managers have the ability to see and manage shares within such team folders.

team folders share permissions

FileCloud At-A-Glance for Manufacturing Organizations

  • Deploy a secure, private file sharing solution on-premises
  • Deploy across any scale-out NAS or an object-based storage system (EMC/ECS, Netapp Filer, Amazon S3)
  • Set and implement policies related to document life cycle management, retention, and archival
  • Sync files and permissions stored on self-hosted file servers
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Secure Remote Access

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device. No VPN or FTP required. Access files stored in on-premises file servers or your private Cloud.

Mapped as Drive

Our technology makes your remote FileCloud server files available as though they were stored on your local drive. The drive fetches remote files on-demand and doesn’t consume permanent offline storage.

NTFS Security

FileCloud can use the same NTFS permissions for Network Folders, so your user authorization and access to these resources remains uninterrupted.

Active Directory Integration

FileCloud honors existing Microsoft NTFS permissions and AD authentication. Get secure and remote access without relying on an outdated VPN or FTP.

Use Existing IT Infrastructure

FileCloud can be integrated into your existing network solution. Leverage your existing investment in IT infrastructure and utilize your file server systems without needing a VPN or FTP.

Complete Audit Trail

FileCloud keeps track of complete audit logs (who, what, when, where and how). Detailed share analytics and unchangeable logs with activity details can be exported into an easily distributed CSV file.

Smart Data Leak Prevention

Our simple, flexible, rule-driven Smart DLP system securely prevents accidental data leaks from end-users and can save enterprises from huge compliance fines.

Meet Compliance Standards

FileCloud was built with compliance in mind – this means you can take advantage of powerful features like audit trails, customized rules, smart content classification to meet regulations such as HIPAA, FINRA, ITAR, and GDPR.

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File Sharing for Manufacturing Industry - Common Questions

Q: Our manufacturing workers prefer an easy-to-use file-sharing service. What should we recommend to them?

A: Unlike Box or Egnyte, FileCloud offers an easy and intuitive file sharing experience. Workers can find the most used file operations with just a click, and they can add files and folders as favorites for quick access. Another convenient feature is the ability to see recently viewed files on the home page dashboard.

Q: How can we get the highest return on investment when buying a new file-sharing service?

A: The average net margin for the manufacturing sector is only 3-6%, which makes ROI an important factor when choosing to invest in IT solutions. FileCloud Online costs only $12,000 for 100 users/year; Box costs $30,000 for the same number of users/year. Additionally, FileCloud offers an unlimited number of free client accounts. That is $18,000 in savings, plus access to high-value features like endpoint backup, advanced security settings, and branding/customization options.

Q: Our company has manufacturing units located in multiple geographic regions (China, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Germany, and Eastern Europe). Low latency file access is a big problem for us. What should we do?

A: FileCloud Online or FileCloud Server can fix low latency file sharing issues. FileCloud Online can be coupled with fast LAN file sharing through FileCloud ServerSync, which supports traditional LAN access when on-premises and cloud access when off-site. If manufacturing units are in remote locations with slow internet access, self-hosting a FileCloud Server is another option.

Q: Data ownership, control, and security are important to us since we store proprietary data. What is the most secure file-sharing service?

A: FileCloud Server is a great option for those who need the highest level of security, since it offers complete data ownership and control. FileCloud Server is a self-hosted file storage and sharing platform, which means your data centers or servers will be onsite, with the full range of control.

Q: According to a recent survey, 80% of manufacturing respondents said strong data security and governance are an important requirement for external file-sharing. What are FileCloud’s security features?

A: FileCloud is built with data security in mind. Features include smart data leak prevention, two-factor authentication, antivirus scanning, ransomware protection, digital rights management, and more. FileCloud also makes data governance easy with features like the Compliance Center to help with ITAR compliance. Other regulatory standards are supported by FileCloud’s data retention and archival policies and complete data sovereignty.

Q: Secure file sharing with external users is important to us. What are some ways we can safely share files with vendors, suppliers, and partners?

A: FileCloud lets you safely share files with external users in several ways. You can share files with password-protected links that can be customized with view, download, and edit permissions and expiry dates. Unlimited, free guest accounts enable clients and partners to share and receive files within your FileCloud platform. Shared files and folders will automatically sync according to your specifications and can be accessed from computers and smartphones through the user’s secure account.

Q: ITAR compliant data transfer/file sharing is an important requirement for manufacturing companies that work with the Department of Defense. What file-sharing system should we use?

A: FileCloud offers smart data leak prevention and the ability to blacklist IP addresses, prevent file access from foreign countries, and more. FileCloud Online’s sandbox architecture isolates every customer site for maximum security. These features are organized in a comprehensive dashboard in the ITAR Compliance Center. Self-host with FileCloud Server or use FileCloud Online hosted in AWS GovCloud.

Q: We share large CAD files with our team members. Low latency access and locking files are important user requirements for the manufacturing sector. What features should we look for in a file-sharing service?

A: FileCloud Online coupled with ServerSync provides file locking (LAN CIFS Access) and low latency access to large files.

Q: Storing large amounts of log analytics and diagnostic data in cloud storage is cost-prohibitive. Are there any options that work with on-premises data servers?

A: FileCloud Server can be self-hosted in on-premises servers. This solution can also be integrated with object-based storage systems like EMC ECS and NetApp. You can easily store and share large files without losing performance.

Q: During the ongoing pandemic, some of our employees are working from home, and accessing critical files via VPN is slow. What is a faster but equally secure way for them to reach those files?

A: FileCloud offers the easiest and most secure way for your employees to remotely access your existing Windows and network file shares. FileCloud can be easily installed on top of your file servers to enable remote access in minutes, and VPN is not required.

Secured Remote Access

FileCloud provides complete security to protect and preserve sensitive business data. FileCloud provides AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest and SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit. Built-in antivirus scanning ensures uploaded files are free of threats, and malware and ransomware protection help you maintain control over your internal shares. Security isn’t the only avenue where FileCloud excels. You can also take advantage of fast, reliable sharing for large files. These are only a few benefits you gain from using FileCloud.

  • Complete Data Ownership
  • Fast, Large File Sharing
  • Affordable Cost
  • Security and Team Collaboration Features
  • 5x Better value than the Competition

Learn More About FileCloud Cloud Storage For Business

FileCloud offers an Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) solution that enables you to realize the benefits of collaboration and productivity with the security you require.


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