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We host FileCloud for you on compliant (HIPAA/ITAR/GDPR) infrastructure. No setup needed.
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  • Free for 14 days (5 users, 1TB)
  • All features enabled
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps - Sync, Drive, Add-ons for Office & Outlook
  • Admin Portal for managing your organization
  • Full support during trial
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File Sharing & Sync Platform

For Accounting and Tax Consulting Firms

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Client Software Portal for Accountants

Flexible Client Portal Software

Customers and companies can access highly confidential transaction details and statements through client portal software. Customers can review, download, and upload documents with ease; meanwhile, employees can reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and focus on high-value activities.

Anytime Anywhere Access

FileCloud’s portal software provides 24/7 access. All your uploaded or shared files can be viewed, opened, or forwarded across your cloud storage or shared folders through any device (including mobile phones or tablets). One place to securely store, manage and share all your files, integrated with apps you actually use.

Custom Branded Solution

Businesses can run FileCloud under their own business domain, and the portal can be fully branded with your logo, theme, colors, and notification text (including Terms of Service). Pay only for your staff and get unlimited, free client access. Powerful file sharing features include public, private, and time limited shares.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

FileCloud is a Secure File Sharing Platform for Accounting and Tax Firms

FileCloud meets the specific file sharing requirements of accounting firms such as secure file sharing, detailed audit logs for data compliance, integration with on-premises file shares, custom branding, and endpoint protection in real-time. Streamline document workflows and improve productivity with FileCloud’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leaks during file transfer.

Client Portal for Accountants

FileCloud offers a smarter, more effective client portal for accountants and tax consultants. Collect confidential financial documents, send client updates instantly, review files across devices, and scale up seamlessly as your firm grows. Client portal software saves time and hassle and increases efficiency by enhancing business relationships.

Increase Productivity

  • Upload or drag & drop files
  • Streamline document sharing
  • Share links for small & large files
  • Unlimited storage
  • Hierarchical retention policies & Records Management
  • Exportable audit logs (what, when, who, where, how)
  • Data leak prevention & Data Governance support
  • 256-bit encryption for data at rest; SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit
  • Antivirus scanning and malware detection/recovery
  • Automated workflows

Data Governance

FileCloud allows administrators to seamlessly manage the entire life-cycle process of their business documents, from creation to retention and finally disposal, all from the administrator dashboard. FileCloud provides a separate Governance Dashboard which allows administrators to see all system alerts generated by any retention policy violations or conflicts, as well as any expiring policy dates.

Retention Policies

FileCloud retention policies allow for automation of file and folder processing. This policy-based automation is designed to help secure digital content for compliance, but it can also enhance the management of digital content, without worrying about user permissions or employee turnover. Retention policies and Records Management policies support compliance with legal requests, trademark issues, patent infringement, employee lawsuits, and consumer complaints.

Complete Control

Run FileCloud wherever and however you want. FileCloud Server, the on-premises solution, allows you to set up your storage behind your company’s firewall. Hosting FileCloud on-premises enables you to integrate with your existing AD, File Shares, and NTFS file permissions. FileCloud Online, the cloud storage solution, is an easy way to hit the ground running, without worrying about setting up or maintaining hardware or software infrastructure. You can choose where your data is hosted by region, in our world-class data centers, as well as your storage provider (AWS, AWS GovCloud, Azure). Alternatively, you can leverage a hybrid solution to get the best of both worlds. Whichever solution you choose, you maintain control over where your organization’s data is stored and how it is shared.

DLP and Device Management

FileCloud’s unique capabilities to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assure sensitive financial data is protected across all your devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets). In case of a breach, admins can remotely wipe FileCloud data in any connected device. FileCloud’s Data Leak Protection is a powerful feature supported by customized metadata sets, a Smart content classification engine, and no-code DLP expression builder that can be implemented by administrators. Once established, this system can automatically scan files for specified types of data (such as credit card numbers, driver’s license or passport IDs, or other PII).

If sensitive data is detected, the content classification engine then assigns relevant tags, which trigger established DLP rules. The entire system functions automatically, without the need to manually assess and sort incoming files. Any attempted sharing that violates DLP rules will be flagged by audit logs and users will be notified that the share is not permitted.

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Drag & Drop File Uploads

Easy-to-use file request features and anonymous file uploads support. Upload or sync files directly from mobile phones and tablets. Access documents directly from Outlook and Office apps (Word, Excel, etc.), as well as OnlyOffice.

Powerful File-Sharing Features

Public, private, and password-protected shares with expiration dates. Granular subfolder level permissions. Built-in document preview and view-only shares. Share large files with no size limits.

Easy Integration

FileCloud offers easy integration with existing corporate IT systems (Active Directory, NTFS File permissions, Network Shares, ADFS, NTLM SSO). Our powerful API’s makes any integration with your Line of business apps a breeze.

Metadata Management

Organize documents using powerful custom metadata sets. Achieve flexible, ad-hoc organization of data in mere minutes. Metadata search enables you to find relevant files easily, as opposed to manually searching email attachments.

Custom Branding

The FileCloud document portal can be customized with your firm’s logo, login page image, and email templates. You can run the client portal under your own business domain and adjust portal notification messages to match your language.

Advanced Audit Capabilities

FileCloud supports complete audit logs (what, when, who, where and how) and detailed share analytics of who uploaded, downloaded, deleted, and previewed files from your client portal. Logs are available anytime and can be exported as CSV files.

Real Savings

FileCloud offers robust Return-on-Investment, thanks to the sophisticated user features, a flexible sharing platform, built-in security, and admin controls. With a full range of hosting options and competitive pricing, FileCloud is a scalable, powerful solution.


Industry-leading security measures include AES SSL encryption, PII search, 2FA authentication, access controls, policy management, and auditing to facilitate compliance with GLBA, FINRA, GDPR and SEC requirements.

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Accounting and Tax Consultancy Client Portal

Create a private workspace to securely share information with your clients. Send updates from anywhere, across any device, without needing to rely on unsecure file sharing methods like email or VPN.

Review changes quickly within files, and share large files easily. Apply customized branding to your portal with your logo and colors to create a consistent digital landscape, building client trust while improving efficiency with FileCloud.

FileCloud Server (Self-Hosted/On-Premises) costs just $4.20/user/month. Try for free today!

“FileCloud is an easy to use solution and met all our data residency requirements.”


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