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Client Portal Software for File Sharing

#1 Secure, Fully Branded Client Portal With Unlimited, Free Client Access

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Customer Portal Software by FileCloud

Top Client Portal Software

Client portal software enables businesses and clients to access highly confidential documents anywhere and at any time. Clients can easily review, download, and upload documents, and FileCloud’s Sync and Drive ensure file versioning so that clients see the most up-to-date versions available.

Anytime/Anywhere Access

FileCloud’s client portal software is accessible 24×7. This means that clients can review documents and messages at their convenience and comfort. This also allows for a broader range of global clients where businesses can operate across time zones without struggling to work the same hours as their clients.

Custom Branded Solution

On top of the ease of creating a secure client portal in minutes, users can run FileCloud under their own business domain, and the file portal can be fully branded with personal logos, name, and images. Pay only for staff or full users, while still getting unlimited, free client access.

FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction the third consecutive time! 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

Ideal, Secure Client Portal Software for CPAs, Lawyers and Realty Brokers

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s vital that businesses and organizations have a way of sharing sensitive documents and files with their clients.

Client portal software easily manages digital storage and file sharing between businesses and clients. Client portal software is a secure, digital gateway that can be accessed by both businesses and their clients that allows for the secure transfer and sharing of documents, files, and messages. Client portals are accessed via web browser or app with a secure login.

Good client portal software also allows clients to access files and collaborate at any time, from any device. This means that clients don’t have to take time out of their busy workdays to answer phone calls or emails. Instead, they can access their client portal and see updates in real time.

The best client portal software gives clients the faith that their sensitive information is secure, while also increasing the efficiency of businesses that use it.

That’s where FileCloud comes in.

FileCloud as Your Client Portal Solution

FileCloud is a secure storage and file sharing system that was created to give businesses peace-of-mind when it comes to sharing and storing sensitive or large files.

On top of being trusted by companies both large and small, FileCloud offers the option for businesses to quickly and easily create client portals at no extra cost.

Workflow Builder

FileCloud understands that the security of files and documents is of utmost importance to companies, which is why we have enterprise-level security, two-factor authentication, antivirus and ransomware protection, DLP, and digital rights management.

FileCloud offers this security all while giving users the option to create their own, custom-branded client portal. This portal can be accessed by anyone with internet access, any time and on any device.

In addition, the client portal does not cost anything extra to create. In fact, FileCloud even offers free, unlimited guest accounts for client portals.

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Powerful File Sharing Features

Public, Private and password protected shares with expiration dates. Granular sub folder level permissions. Built-in document preview and view-only shares.

Large File Support

Drag & Drop file uploads. Easy-to-use file request features and anonymous file uploads support. Share large files with no size limit.

Custom Branding

FileCloud’s client portal can be custom branded with your business logo, login page image, and email templates. You can also run the client portal under your own business domain.

File Change Notifications

Get immediate file change notifications and alerts to your email when client uploads or downloads a file from your client portal.

Unlimited, Free Client Access

FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. You only pay for your employee accounts.

Real Savings

Get more for less. The business plan for Dropbox is $12.50/user/month, but FileCloud server (Self-Host/On-Premise) costs you only $4.20/user/month. FileCloud Online (hosted by FileCloud) only costs $10/user/month.

Advanced Audit Capabilities

FileCloud keeps track of complete audit logs (what, when, who, where and how). Detailed share analytics and logs of who uploaded, downloaded, deleted and previewed files from your client portal is available anytime.


Get maximum protection from email spoofing and ransomware attacks using FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning and branding capabilities. FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest, SSL/TLS protocols for data in transit, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, recycle bin/retention policies, and endpoint device protection.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is client portal software?
A client portal is a digital space that you share with your client. It is mainly used for sharing important documents and monitoring access between you and your client in a secure environment. These portals can also be leveraged for secure and fast file sharing, collaboration, and task management.

How do you use a client portal?
Using email for client collaboration is often inefficient, creating unnecessary delays and killing project agility and momentum. Having a high-quality client portal can support streamlined business operations. These portals enable secure and easy sharing of information between a business and a client.

What is a client portal for a website?
A client portal is a digital space between you and your client that provides role-based authorization. Your customers can access the data they need whenever they want. With a few clicks, you and the client can respond to each other, with file changes and shares reflected in real-time.

How do I securely receive documents?
The most reliable way to share documents is to encrypt them before you upload them, ensure documents are encrypted in transit, and have clients decrypt files after downloading. Most client portal software possesses this feature, so your files are protected at rest and in transit.

How do I encrypt a document?
To encrypt your files before sending them, we recommend using a client portal. This software encrypts uploaded files based on the password you set. Some client portal solutions also support encryption in transit. To decrypt files at the receiving end, the client will need a valid password.

What is a secure online portal?
A secure online portal is a portal that provides a secure login through a website/app where clients can access documents and files, manage file functions, and collaborate securely. Client portals are often used for the secure exchange of sensitive data, as they’re much more secure than exchanging information via email.

How do you maintain documents in a secure manner?
Maintaining documents securely is easily if you enable policies and utilize tools to adjust sharing permissions for documents. These tools may offer different features for secure sharing and data protection via DLP, DRM, Encryption, Password Protection, and more. For example, you can require encryption for any documents labelled “sensitive” or prohibit sharing outside the company.

“FileCloud has been a big hit with our users and we hope to continue to use it for other solutions in the future.”

Custom Branded Client Portal

It’s important for businesses and organizations to maintain their brand across all their systems and tools. That’s why FileCloud offers customizable branding for client portal software. Create a client portal using your own domain, brand it with your logo and images, and email templates.

Fast, reliable client portal software

FileCloud client portal software gives businesses an edge over their competitors. Instead of using an unsecure method like emailing, your customers will have the assurance that their sensitive information is safe, in their personal, branded client portal.

“FileCloud is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution.”


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