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FileCloud Maintains Compliance with Industry Standards – FINRA and HIPAA

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FileCloud offers the necessary safeguards to help you meet your security requirements and compliance standards such as FINRA, HIPAA and EU Data Protection Directive. FileCloud enables organizations to run their own HIPAA or FINRA compliant enterprise file share, sync, and endpoint backup solution. Download the following white papers on how FileCloud could help you with FINRA and HIPAA compliance. Hipaa Compliant File Sharing

Quick Access to Data
FileCloud provides multiple options to access remote data via browser or FileCloud’s clients, such as FileCloud drive. When requested by regulatory organizations, customers can grant any of these access methods to the regulators. Regulators can view, download, and print the document from the resources they have access to in their office. Besides stored files, the FileCloud administrator account provides access to employee accounts in case of an emergency or an audit.
Using FileCloud, organizations can provide secure access to their files to any entity. FileCloud supports simple username/password to a more secure two-factor authentication. All data exchanged through the web is encrypted using SSL, a standard security technology for encrypting data transmission. FileCloud ensures data is fully encrypted with advanced AES 256 encryption when transmitted and stored.
Data Retention and Archiving
FileCloud features the most robust data storing, archiving, and retrieving settings in the industry, enabling customers or solution providers to create a compliant-ready enterprise file access and sharing solution. With fully customizable settings, such as access types, the number of revisions needed, and role-based access privileges, FileCloud can be configured to meet the needs of organizations of any size.
Report and Audit 
All file changes are kept with an audit trail and information about who changed the file and when (timestamp) it was changed. Audit logs can be searched based on keywords or by user giving administrators the right tools to triage quickly.
Prevent File Deletion
FileCloud could help you prevent file records from accidental deletion. If a user deletes any sensitive files, FileCloud can be configured to send email alerts to administrators and supervisors. Even if a file is deleted, it is not purged from the system; administrators can restore the files.
Data Loss Prevention
FileCloud’s “High Availability” (HA) architecture helps customers build redundancy across all layers of its infrastructure, ensuring strong protection against losing access to the records. Unlimited versioning helps users and administrators revert to an older version if any file is corrupt or regulators want to view an older version. FileCloud’s advanced heuristic engine, a proprietary technology, helps identify and prevent ransomware attacks.
FileCloud’s content search indexes all the files and its content. Users not only can search using a name or partial name of a file, but also use keywords in the content of the file.
ViewOnly Access
Most institutions have a wide variety of records and many types of users ranging from employee to vendors. Having a comprehensive system that handles a variety of permissions is critical. FileCloud can allow enforcing varied levels of access, ranging from full access to ‘view only’ access, which allows users to view files but not download.

Hundreds of organizations from highly-regulated verticals such as financial services, healthcare rely on FileCloud!


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