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FileCloud Newsletter
FileCloud Newsletter

FileCloud Server 20.3 Release Updates

Hello! We hope that your new year has been going well so far. FileCloud recently released version 20.3, and here’s what this update has to offer:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    We pride ourselves not only in keeping your data secure, but also thoroughly organized! Enterprise users with an OCR license can search for text in most image and PDF files. Our OCR capabilities can also be used with our Content Classification Engine (CCE), which scans and tags image and PDF files with metadata for data leak prevention.

  • Metadata Color Tagging
    For additional data organization, you can now apply a color metadata tag to any file or folder via the context-sensitive menu or by right-clicking the file and selecting “Apply Color Tag”. Now, you’ll be able to search your data by color tags, making it easy to group and locate similar files and folders. While the default colors come in handy, admins can add more as necessary.

  • TLS 1.3 Support
    This update also includes support for TLS 1.3 on all Windows, Mac OS, and Linux clients.

    We’ve added support for ICAP DLP, which can be configured as a third-party provider for FileCloud’s content classification engine. Administrators can set up a content classification rule that flags files, thereby letting DLP prevent the downloading or sharing of those files.

  • Theme Settings
    FileCloud Aurora 20.2 introduced our new, revolutionary file-sharing UI — beautiful, intuitive and lightning-fast. Today, we’re bringing it to the next level with our brand new themes!

    FileCloud comes with several preset themes, but also offers theme customization so that you can truly personalize your workspace. After all, with the amount of time you spend managing your data, it’s only fitting that your file-sharing space look exactly the way you like it. Learn more about how to change your themes here!

  • Mobile Browser Support
    While our mobile apps are every bit as responsive and beautiful as our desktop apps, we understand that sometimes, you might need to work on the spot from your mobile browser. As of this update, you can access FileCloud’s new user interface directly through your mobile browser!

  • Sync and ServerSync Mass Conflict Resolution
    To save time, users can now resolve multiple conflicts instead of going through conflicts one by one.

  • Android App Enhancements
    New additions to the Android app include an in-app media player and metadata editing support.

    Watch our recent webinar on What’s New with FileCloud 20.3 here!

    More Details Here →

Tip of the Month

FileCloud admins can create a workflow that disables a user when the user is no longer active and notifies the user through email once the account is deactivated.

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Upcoming Webinars

Check out other available sessions on our website. We’ll send a recording to everyone who registers in case you’re unable to attend the live broadcast. We look forward to having you in one of our sessions soon!

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AirSend Action Tab Updates

Some of the biggest recent improvements to AirSend have been to our Actions tab. Its new and useful capabilities include a full Kanban view, quickly adding actions and subactions, quickly searching all actions, viewing actions assigned to you, viewing complete or incomplete actions, and sorting actions by due date, action name, and channel name.

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