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FileCloud Tutorial Videos

FileCloud Web UI

The User Portal allows you to manage the files you want to store and save using the FileCloud Server site. Use the portal to securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device.

FileCloud Drive

FileCloud Drive lets you access files like you do on a Windows PC in Windows Explorer. The same features that are available on the User Portal are also available in Drive

FileCloud Sync

You can use FileCloud Sync to keep a folder on any computer that is synchronized with your FileCloud server

FileCloud Team Folders

Team folders provide a single place where teams in a company can store and organize files and folders

FileCloud Sharing Files and Folder

File sharing allows you to provide public or private access to files or folders stored in FileCloud Server or a network space with various levels of access privileges.

FileCloud Audit Log

FileCloud Server has extensive auditing support and every operation in FileCloud Server is logged.

FileCloud Concepts

Following video explains the key differences between managed storage and network shares.

FileCloud Admin Features

Add a new user to FileCloud

The following video explains two options to add new users: Adding users directly to FileCloud, and adding users from Active Directory.

Manage devices that access FileCloud

The following video explains various device management features such as blocking and remote wiping FileCloud data on devices that access FileCloud.

Customizing FileCloud

The following video explains a few options to customize FileCloud.


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