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Tutorial Videos

How can FileCloud help your organization?

The video is an overview of some of the FileCloud features and how your organization can benefit with it.

How FileCloud can help you meet GDPR compliance

This video shows how FileCloud can assist with your GDPR compliance.

FileCloud On-Prem vs Online: What's the right solution for you?

The video shows the difference between FileCloud Server and FileCloud Online.

FileCloud Standard vs Enterprise: What's the right edition for you?

This video will show an overview of FileCloud, it's products and an what Standard or Enterprise comprise.

Protect, Track and Control Confidential, Sensitive Documents After Distribution

This video is an overview of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature of FileCloud

How to administer FileCloud

The video is an overview on the admin set up and configuration.

How to manage users and groups easily using policies

The video is about users and groups. Its creation process, polices and configurations.

FileCloud End User Onboarding

This video will give you a tour of the web user interface, FileCloud Drive, FileCloud Sync and Mobile Apps (Android and iOS)

How to access your files in FileCloud without having the need to install additional client applications

The video focuses on the FileCloud web user interface. The different actions you can do and its functions.

Comment accéder à vos fichiers dans FileCloud sans installer des applications supplémentaires

La vidéo suivante est une présentation du fonctionnement de FileCloud via l'interface Web (coté utilisateur) et de ses principales fonctionnalités.

Breve descripción general del portal de usuarios y administradores

Además de la facilidad de uso y las capas de seguridad, FileCloud ofrece nuestra interfaz organizada y eficiente. El siguiente video es una breve descripción de los portales de usuarios y administradores.

How to manage users, groups and additional admins in FileCloud

The video explains the user types- its limitations, and the different ways to add a user.

Enable your teams to create, share and collaborate with Office 365 in FileCloud

This video will show how to collaborate with your team using Office 365 with FileCloud

How to use FileCloud Sync for offline access

You can use FileCloud Sync to keep a folder on any computer that is synchronized with your FileCloud server

How can FileCloud help Educations on files sharing and backup? 網絡研討會: FileCloud 能如何幫助學校處理文檔儲存?

This presentation is in Cantonese and provides an overview of how to use FileCloud for file sharing and back up.

第4波疫情來襲,FileCloud如何幫助中小企業或學校在WFH時安全地遙距管理文檔? How can FileCloud assist SMB/K12 on Document Management securely under the 4th wave of COVID-19 hit?

This presentation is in Cantonese gives you the details on remotely accessing documents securely through FileCloud in China and Hong Kong.

Simplify your Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration Using FileCloud Team Folders

The video gives an overview on team folders creation and collaboration within FileCloud.

How to integrate network shares with NTFS permissions in FileCloud

The following video explains about understanding NTFS permissions, smart mount, FileCloud helper, and their limitations.

How to use FileCloud's Audit Log and GeoIP information for security

FileCloud Server has extensive auditing support and every operation in FileCloud Server is logged.

How to protect sensitive data using FileCloud's Metadata, Smart Classification & Data Leak Protection

The following video explains about Data Leak Prevention, Content Classification Engine, and Metadata.

How to secure your data through encryption

The video will show how encryption works to secure data.

How to configure FileCloud's admin preferences for easy user management

The following video explains how to reset the admin password, automatic sign-up approvals and options, and other master admin settings.

Upgrading FileCloud for Increased Security, Enhanced Performance and Improved Ease of Use

This video shows an overview on the upgrade process and best practices when upgrading to the latest version of FileCloud.

Upgrading to 20.2

This video will show a walkthrough on upgrading from FileCloud version 20.1 to the latest version 20.2.

FileCloud Troubleshooting Tips

The following video shows the basic troubleshooting for FileCloud Drive, FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Server. It will also show the centralized device management troubleshooting

How to Customize FileCloud to Reflect Your Brand

The following video explains how to customize FileCloud for an improved customer branded experience.

How to review shares and activities done by all users in FileCloud

Maximize the value of your file sharing license

This video primarily covers user access types in FileCloud and general licensing terms.

What's new in FileCloud 20.2

This video is a preview on the updates for 20.2.

What's New with FileCloud Web User Portal?

This video provides shows the changes made to the web user interface and an overview of the DRM feature.

What's New with FileCloud Sync?

This video gives an overview on the updates made in version 20.2 for FileCloud Sync.

What's New with Mobile New UI?

The video shows the update to the FileCloud Mobile App and the easy share creation.

What's new in FileCloud 20.1

This video is a preview on the updates for 20.1.

What's new in FileCloud 19.3

This video is a preview on the updates for 19.3.

How to access cloud data faster

The following video explains how to setup FileCloud in hybrid model for LAN file access and how to setup FileCloud for regional access via replication.

How to setup retention policies and manage the data governance dashboard

How to utilize workflow and reports in FileCloud

The following video shows workflow capabilities, dashboard reports, and custom reports.

How to configure mass deployment in FileCloud

The following video explains mass deployment capabilities, XML configuration for desktop clients, and mass deployment parameters.

How to manage devices that access FileCloud

The following video explains various device management features such as blocking and remote wiping FileCloud data on devices that access FileCloud.

How to enable and configure FileCloud's indexed search

The following video explains about FileCloud indexed search, configuring Solr Search, and how to know the amount RAM needed.

Implement FileCloud Security Best Practices

The following video explains about SIEM Integration, Password Guidelines, Smart Data Leak Prevention, reCaptcha Integration, and more security best practices.

How FileCloud can help you meet HIPAA & ITAR compliance


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