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FileCloud Vault

All-In-One Backup, Data Governance and Search Platform for Office 365, G Suite, DropBox and Box.

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Available on-premise and on cloud. Designed for MSPs and Enterprises.

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  • Data Protection

    Backup and recover G suite, O365 data across your organization and make sure it is completely protected and fully available in any emergency.

  • Blazing Fast Search

    One unified search box to find files faster across G Suite, O 365 and on-premise content repositories including existing network shares.

  • Content Governance

    Manage content silos across service boundaries, classifying, tracking and alerting you of inappropriate sharing of PII, PHI, PCI etc.

  • Protect Data Against Cyber Threats

    Safeguard files from ransomware, malware, hacking, data corruption and emerging cyber threats.

  • Seamless Switch Over

    If you ever lose access to your cloud data, seamlessly switch over users to FileCloud Vault to continue operation with minimal disruption.

  • Comply with GDPR and Data Privacy Laws

    Federated search and audit of file sharing permissions across online and on-premise repos help Data Protection Officers in their compliance efforts.

  • E-Discovery

    Locate, hold and export files required for any civil or criminal legal cases across all your content repositories – Online and On-premise.

  • Cost Effective / Low cost of ownership

    Simple all-inclusive pricing includes all maintenance, support and updates.

  • MSP Friendly

    Offer as value added services to your customers. Multi-tenanted, easy to setup and manage. Grow your recurring revenue.

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Sign up to get special launch pricing (50% Off. valid for 2 years)
Normal Pricing at $999 for 20 users per year

Why FileCloud Vault?

  • 75% of data loss in cloud is due to people deleting content because of human error. Vault’s automated backup and powerful restore capabilities protects your data from accidental deletion.

  • Malware, Ransomware and viruses can spread havoc on your cloud stored content. Vault’s data protection capabilities protect your business data from current and emerging cyber threats.

  • Typical knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday searching for files. An enterprise employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes nearly $2.5 million per year- Vault’s powerful search capabilities help users to find files they need faster.

  • SaaS providers honor deletion requests & DMCA take down notices without performing proper due diligence. Well orchestrated social engineering attacks can completely obliterate your data stored in SaaS applications. Faulty TOS violations may also result in account blocking.

  • GDPR and emerging data privacy regulations require organizations need to be aware of the services where they store personally identifiable information. Incorrect file sharing permissions can expose sensitive files and data breaches can cost expensive business and reputation loss. Vault’s content governance and protection features help you in your compliance efforts.

  • Malicious insiders can intentionally destroy or distribute your valuable, sensitive data . According to the new report from NTT Security (“2017 Global Threat Intelligence Center Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report”), malicious insiders are involved in 25% of cyber threats. Vault’s powerful governance and data protection features shield your organization from insider threats.


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