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  • All the Features
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps - Sync, Drive, Add-ons for Office & Outlook
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Key Differences Between ownCloud vs Nextcloud

NextCloud is not totally a new software but has been forked out of ownCloud.

  • Opensource

    ownCloud core is opensource, enterprise features aren’t. Nextcloud will keep all features open source. That was one of the main reason the Nextcoud was forked out of ownCloud. (Source: )
  • Basic Features

    In terms of file storage and file sharing, there aren’t any much differences between the two applications. In the meantime, ownCloud wants to focus on optimizing security features, however, Nextcloud has announced new features like default brute-force protection. (Source: )
  • Security Features

    Key differences come when you look at the add-on and security features.NextCloud end-to-end encryption will enable users to encrypt files on a per-folder level using secure keys. Most importantly, user privileges can be revoked at any time without decrypting/re-uploading files.
  • Pricing

    ownCloud’s licensing policy guarantees that certain components such as full text search, workflow management, or branding are only available to paid Enterprise customers. Nextcloud doesn’t charge for features, and charges only support and update services costs.
  • Website/ Documentation

    As a relatively new software, Nextcloud still has the typical beginners’ problems: the website, originally in German, is also available in English and is lacking user instructions and has a very limited online manual. Updates are also not as smooth as with ownCloud. (Source: )
  • Beyond file sharing

    On the other hand, the latest features such as audio and video telephony suggest that the Nextcloud team will focus increasingly on extending the functionality of the app and developing towards enabling a digital workplace.

OwnCloud vs FileCloud

FileCloud ownCloud Enterprise Nextcloud Enterprise
Business Model $/user license $/user license $/user license
Pricing for 50 users/year $2500 $9000 $4750
Hosting Options & Features
On Premise/Self-Hosted yes yes yes
Multi-Tenancy yes no no
Storage, Sync & Backup Features
Storage Sync yes yes yes
Large File Support, max file size yes yes yes
Supported Local Storage yes yes yes
Storage Limitation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Endpoint Backup (Multiple folders) yes no no
ServerLink (Cross-Site Replication) yes no no
Mobile Features
Mobile OS Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android iOS, Android
iOS, Android Media backup yes no no
Activity Streams, Comments yes no no
Offline Sync yes no no
Desktop Clients
Desktop Sync – Cross Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) yes yes yes
Desktop Drive – Cross Platform (Windows, Mac) yes yes yes
Microsoft Office Add-on yes yes yes
Cloud Features
File Sharing yes yes yes
Secure Access yes yes yes
Granular Sub Folder Permissions yes yes yes
Team Folders yes yes yes
Free Limited Users yes yes yes
Document Web Edit (Collabora) yes yes yes
Document Web Edit (Office Online Server) yes yes yes
Customization, Branding Custom branding, White label, Emails, ToS Policies etc Custom branding, White label, Emails, ToS Policies etc Custom branding, White label, Emails, ToS Policies etc
Security, Access Control & Existing File Systems Integration
Integrate – Existing Home Directories yes yes yes
NTFS Support yes yes yes
Network Share Support yes yes yes
Network Share Versioning yes no no
Active Directory Support yes yes yes
Multiple Active Directory yes no no
Single Sign-On yes yes yes
Built-in Ransomware Protection yes yes yes
SAML Authentication yes yes yes
Data At Rest Encryption yes yes yes
Two Factor Authentication(2FA) yes yes yes
File Locking yes yes yes
API Support yes yes yes
Zapier Integration yes yes yes
Chrome Browser Extensions yes yes yes
Sharepoint plugin no yes yes
E-signature Under Development no no
Amazon S3/OpenStack Support yes yes yes
Audit & Admin Tools
Access and Monitoring Control yes yes yes
Mobile Device Management (Block devices, remote wipe, notification to devices) yes no no
Audit Reports yes yes yes
Geo IP Access Reports yes no no
File Analytics & Reporting (Summary of Client Applications per OS & Type, User Shares, Active Files Managed, File Type Distribution) yes no no
Role Based Administration yes yes yes
Based on public information available as of 03/15/2017. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

FileCloud offers better performance, security, control, and flexibility when compared to the competition. For example, mapped drives on Mac and Windows clients offer on-demand synchronization which is very bandwidth efficient, especially when combined with local caching technologies. The platform offers the flexibility to use local file servers or private cloud storage for enhanced control and security. And you can even go as far as hosting the entire solution yourself for complete control. With FileCloud you can offer all the utility of popular cloud solutions while maintaining traditional levels of control and security.

Here’s how we are better than our competition

FileCloud has better features

FileCloud allows you to create private clouds on personal servers simply by installing the application. It can host a virtual environment for storing and managing hosted files and resources after a user has installed the application. FileCloud Quick Edit lets you edit files directly on FileCloud using the native apps installed on your computer. You no longer have to worry about privacy issues or third-party access to their confidential files and information!

  • Privacy and security with private cloud
  • Real Cross-platform solution
  • Mobile access with enterprise level sharing and sync
  • Actionable auditing and reporting

Here’s what users have to say

Looking to use FileCloud as a sync-and-share solution for a nice upgrade to file sharing and storage for a client right now. I’ve been very pleased with it, and it beats out Syncplicity and ShareFile handily in the features it supports, without requiring stuff be in a proprietary file structure”  –  Steve


I have to say the interface to admin is much better than owncloud, can mount network shares for outside users” – Brian “Just in case anybody is looking for a replacement for Dropbox & their increasing costs, take a look at FileCloud.  It is not free, but it’s slick.  AD authentication, you can use your existing shares and NTFS permissions, there are mobile and desktop sync clients and workflows built in similar to IFTTT.    Super simple to set up, and very clean UI.” – tnoe0131


FileCloud comes with a great support team

At FileCloud, we make sure our customers are always satisfied! Customers are our #1 priority. We believe there is nothing like customer support to breed success.

Here’s what a customer has to say about us:

I’m not sure if there’s a better person to send this to, so please forward if needed. Over a period of a few weeks in December and January, we migrated from CentOS servers to Ubuntu servers to be in a supported configuration. One of your support personnel (named Krish) helped us with the migration. We ran into some problems during the migration and it ended up taking three attempts but in the end, all was successfully migrated. I just wanted to let someone there know that Krish was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and went above and beyond what was required to help us get moved over. Their time and assistance are very much appreciated. Thanks! Jeremy Jones Application Delivery Engineer

FileCloud’s admin control is unparalleled

FileCloud also provides the ability to fully monitor file access and usage for your hosted files, giving you full audits and reports including information: such as user access tracking (who accessed what and when), user action tracking (what user did during access) and access mode tracking (how user accessed data). This can be useful from security or policy perspectives – monitoring how users access stored data, especially to check usage patterns or possible policy violations.

FileCloud offers better value!

FileCloud costs $2500 a year for 50 users whereas ownCloud and Nextcloud charge you up to $9000 for the same. FileCloud offers you better services at less than half price!

Here’s what some of our customers have to say

I have tested Tonido Filecloud and it seemed better than Owncloud for sure. Pricing is $1000 USD per year for 20 users” – WTDL Helpdesk


We listen to our customers

We take our customer inputs seriously. We know that finally it is our customers who must use our product and it is their needs we need to cater to.

Here is one such example

We needed to get rid of the Dropbox solution. We are a German mid-size company. In Germany, we have some strict laws which forbid us to store privacy data (e.g. Names and Birthdays of our customer) on a storage system owned by a third party. At least they must guarantee us to store the data on servers inside the European Union. Dropbox can’t do that. But a lot of our employees installed Dropbox for a fast and easy way to share data especially with employees at other subsidiaries. So we were looking for a solution which can fit both of these criteria:
  • A simple and fast solution which doesn’t need a lot of training.
  • Storing the Data on our Server or at least to get a guarantee the data are stored in the EU.
Both criteria are completely fulfilled by FileCloud


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