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  • Mobile and Desktop Apps - Sync, Drive, Add-ons for Office & Outlook
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#1 Private File Access, Sync and Sharing Solution for Digital Marketing & Ad Agencies

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FileCloud allows you to quickly and securely share files with clients and fellow advertisement creators & editors.

Key Features

  • Your Agency, Your Branding

    FileCloud brings your branding front and center. Starting from custom domains, login page image to user emails, everything is customized and setup to be exactly what you want.

    Custom Everything
    Customize FileCloud with your own logos, domain names and provide the exact branding experience and professional look that you want to give to your employees, partners and customers.
    Communication & Policies
    Customize various email templates with your logo, and content. Setup a custom news feed for all your users. Setup your custom Policy and TOS for all users.
    Make it Local
    FileCloud supports full localization support for your users spread across the world with German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian languages.

  • Mobile Apps

    Our highly rated mobile apps provide comprehensive features in addition to remote access such as local offline download of files, sharing, document preview and more.

    Every Platform
    FileCloud apps are available for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry and FileCloud Modern Windows 8 App (Microsoft Surface).
    Mobile Policy Support
    Entire features of mobile experience and features can be enabled or disabled by the administrator globally as well as overridden on a user by user basis.
    Access from Other Apps
    Open and edit remote files using third party apps on your device. Save files and upload them back to your remote server. Also share uploaded files via link or email attachment.

  • Branch Office Sync

    A single file server in the headquarters wouldn’t be able to provide same level of performance to branch offices that are located across continents. With a single server, users in remote branch offices will observe latency when accessing files remotely. To alleviate the problem, the branch offices can have their own FileCloud instance and FileCloud ServerLink technology synchronizes files across multiple FileCloud instances.

    Multi Office Synchronization – Files, Users
    Each branch office instance mirrors the main FileCloud server at HQ. FileCloud not only replicated files/folders but it also replicates all related data such as users, groups, comments etc.
    Mix Match Infrastructure, OS
    FileCloud provides the flexibility to organizations to run branch office FileCloud instances on variety of infrastructure and OS. FileCloud ServerLink technology handles the complexity in the background and keeps these instances in sync.
    Simple Pricing
    With one simple pricing, organizations get the full benefit of branch office. Cross-office synchronization enables tighter integration across team to deliver their products, services and supporting functions. Benefits significantly outweighs the cost.

  • Secure Sharing & Granular Controls

    Create a public or a fully private share to files where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. You can send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer or set up a collaboration space for project-related files.

    Powerful Controls
    ALimit the maximum number of downloads for a shared file, automatically expire a share after a certain time, anonymous file uploads, prevent downloads, integrate file uploads with your website and more.
    Built-in Document Preview and Quick Editing of Documents from the web browser simplify collaboration. Add comments to files to keep everyone in the loop. Lock (check-out) files while editing to prevent unexpected overwrites.
    Changes to shared folders like uploads or file changes are sent out as notifications via email to everyone connected to the share. Activity Streams for every folder allows users to review and view all changes that happened to a folder or a file over a period of time.

  • Real Savings

    FileCloud creates value for customers by providing simple pricing, product innovation and fanatical customer support. For 1000 users, Box will cost you 180,000 $/Year where FileCloud cost you only 40,000$/Year. FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing with external vendors and contractors. You only pay for your employee accounts.

Compare prices

Per user/month Total Cost (100 users, 4 Years)
FileCloud ~$3.5 $16,800
Dropbox for Business ~$15 $60,000
~$15 $60,000
~$15 $60,000

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