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#1 Cloud File Server for Business
Get the Best of File Server and Cloud!

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FileCloud, the Best Among Cloud File Server Solutions

Security & Privacy

FileCloud Cloud File Server is hosted in world-class facilities. FileCloud provides all the tools and modern encryption (AES 256-bit) methods and industry standards to transfer (SSL/TLS secure tunnel) and store your data securely.

Active Directory

You can use existing Active Directory credentials with FileCloud. You can edit any Office files stored in FileCloud right from your browser. FileCloud’s Outlook add-on, allows uploading attachments to FileCloud and share them as a link.

Branding & Customization

Whether sharing files with colleagues or clients, you can customize the user interface to reinforce your organization’s corporate identity. FileCloud provides an abundant set of capabilities for custom branding.

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FileCloud Received Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for Second Consecutive Time. 92% of our customers are willing to recommend us.

#1 Cloud File Server - Fast, Secure, cloud based file server

Cloud File Server

FileCloud offers the best of both worlds: speed and security of traditional file server and anywhere access of cloud. FileCloud brings the benefits of cloud such as web and mobile access, unlimited file versioning, audit/access logs, recycle bin and increased collaboration to your file server. At the same time you don’t need to compromise the benefits of file server such as fast LAN access and sub folder level security. Offers immediate ROI by utilizing your existing file server infrastructure!

Fast access

Traditional Cloud File Servers provide fast access, but are difficult to access with mobile devices and a lot of overheads to maintain. FileCloud provides the ability to share, access, store files and backup using an online file server which can be easily synchronized with local storage.

Filecloud also supports a hybrid cloud storage setup that works great as a cloud solution and can also sync between Cloud File Server and on Premise. The FileCloud’s hybrid setup approach can be scaled to meet the demands of businesses of any size.

Reduced Costs

Enterprises can save a lot of money and reduce administrative overheads by using FileCloud to replace their existing file servers. Typically, file server software costs, maintenance and IT resources on costs compared with FileCloud are lower than the total cost of an in-house file server

Secure access from any device

FileCloud cloud based file server allows files access through any mobile or desktop device. Enterprise employees and partners can use any of the mobile apps, FileCloud Drive and web browser to access, share and manage files.

Powerful Online File Sharing

Your File Server solution doesn’t need to be insecure and insanely expensive. Moving on to FileCloud cloud file server for business, you get complete control, total security, custom branding, easy integration and high ROI. Compare FileCloud with Dropbox, and Box to learn why FileCloud is a better Cloud File Server Solution.

Central administration and reporting

FileCloud Cloud File Server access can be managed and controlled easily by administrators. The administrator has complete authority to create and manage all users, their information on the online file server, including passwords.

The administrators can quickly remove access rights when an employee leaves the company. All access to files is based on granular permissions set by the administrator, therefore allowing only employees and partners to see sensitive files and folders when using the online file server.

FileCloud provides rich sets of reports to monitor the usage of the account. Reports provide important information on files, storage, audits (who has permissions to view what files) and all transactions on the server.

Security & Privacy

FileCloud Cloud File Server is hosted in world-class facilities. With on-premise storage, you get complete ownership of your data. FileCloud further encrypts all data in rest and in transition. FileCloud allows unlimited versioning and data loss prevention.

Branding and customization

Whether sharing files with employees or clients or partners, many enterprises want to customize the user interface to reinforce their brand identity. FileCloud provides a rich set of capabilities for custom brand reinforcement. Uploading logos to changing colors to customizing screens and much more.

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Access Files from Anywhere

Access files from anywhere using FileCloud web, mobile, desktop sync and drive apps. No VPN or FTP required.

Powerful File Sharing Features

Public, private and password protected shares with expiration dates. Built-in document preview, view/upload only shares. File change notifications, activity streams and instant notification.

Fast LAN and Anywhere Cloud Access

Access large files quickly using your local LAN and at the same time get anywhere access from the Cloud.

Sub Folder Permissions

Keep your existing NTFS file share permissions or create the same permissions model in FileCloud. Supports user permissions at any folder and subfolder level.

Unlimited, Free Client Access

FileCloud offers free unlimited client accounts for sharing confidential files with clients. You only pay for your employee accounts.

Real Savings

Get more for less. For 1000 users, Dropbox will cost you 240,000 $/Year where FileCloud cost you only 40,000$/Year.

Advanced Audit Capabilities

FileCloud keeps track of complete audit logs (what, when, who, where and how). FileCloud offers detailed share analytics and logs of who uploaded, downloaded, deleted and previewed files.


FileCloud offers maximum protection from ransomware attacks using FileCloud’s unlimited file versioning and backup capabilities. FileCloud security includes 256-bit AES SSL encryption at Rest, two-factor authentication, anti-virus scanning, recycle bin and endpoint device protection.

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Business Benefits of Filecloud's Cloud File Server

Powerful Online File Sharing

FileCloud provides powerful capabilities to help employees and partners collaborate with each other. With FileCloud’s Cloud File Server, employees can easily share files and folders using simple links. These links can be mailed, embedded in any document or shared on another website.

Admin have the ability to set shared sub-folders and grant access permissions to individuals and teams. Access can be granted to employees across remote or distributed offices, business partners and clients, providing one solution to work with.

Additional features are available to enable collaboration:

  • File Locking – Files can be locked to prevent multiple users from making changes during same time.
  • File Versions – File versions are created automatically with unlimited versions allowed.
  • Notifications – System notifies of any changes made to the files and data through email or other methods.

Best Cloud File Server Features

Cloud File Storage Top Features

A good Cloud File Server solution must deliver great performance and must be able to scale rapidly as business needs change.


Can be grown and can be shrunk automatically to support business needs


Provides good performance without downtime and fast servers


Seamless integration with any third party app using API’s


Provides top notch network security and control access


Lower cost compared to other cloud solutions


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