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FileCloud Drive – A new way for Unlimited File Access

FileCloud Drive

FileCloud Drive enables users to seamlessly access all their FileCloud files from the desktop, regardless of how much space they have available on their hard disk.

Virtual Drive

FileCloud Drive mounts the cloud space as the local disk and make all your online files look and feel just like those saved on your hard drive.

Edit Files

With FileCloud Drive, you can actually edit files the same way like you generally edit files on Windows PC.

Terminal Server and VDI support

FileCloud Drive can be used in Terminal server environment and great fit for companies with virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI).

Great for Regulated Verticals

Companies from highly regulated verticals such as finance and health care don’t allow employees to keep an offline copy of files on employee PCs. FileCloud Drive is a great fit for those companies.

Save Hard Disk Space

Auto magically makes your remote FileCloud server files available as if it is a local drive in your Windows Computer and removes the need to save the files on the local system. Great for newer laptops with SSD Hard disks which have limited disk capacity.

Automatic File Lock

Once enabled, FileCloud Drive will automatically lock a file in server upon editing. Other users will not be able to save the file when a file lock is in place.