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Trusted by 1000s of Organizations:

Trusted by 1000s of Organizations:

FileCloud Drive – Virtual drive for your remote files

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FileCloud Drive – Mount cloud space as a local disk

Auto magically makes your remote files (stored on FileCloud server) available as if they were stored in the local drive on your computer. FileCloud Drive removes the need to sync all your files to your local system.

Simple User Experience

FileCloud Drive makes all your remote files look and feel just like those saved on your hard drive hence it is very intuitive for end users to learn and use.

Full Featured – Edit/Save/Move

You can perform all file operations – open, edit, save, move etc. – the same way you generally do on Windows PC or Mac.

File Locking – Easy Collaboration

FileCloud Drive will automatically lock a file (aka check-out file) in server for editing. When a file lock is in place, others will not be able to save the file, preventing any conflicting changes to the file.

Unique Value Proposition

FileCloud Drive offers compelling value for variety of industries – value ranging from security/regulation to replacing a legacy system such as FTP, FileServer or Network shares.

Regulated Verticals – Limit Offline Copies

By using FileCloud Drive, companies from highly regulated verticals such as finance and healthcare can limit offline copy of sensitive files on employee devices.

Terminal Server and VDI

FileCloud Drive can be used in Terminal server environment and great fit for companies with virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI).

Save Hard Disk Space

Great for newer laptops with SSD hard disks which have limited disk capacity.